Ubiquitous as they are, not all Asam Laksa, Curry Laksa and Clear Soup Noodles are created equal.  First we scoured the whole of Malaysia to sample the most popular laksas and soup noodles. We then rated and compared them against traditional family recipes passed down through generations. We noted the most outstanding qualities from the different variations and combined them to create the distinctive taste of LaksaaMana’s offerings.

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LaksaaMana is a story of passion for the rich and bountiful flavours of uniquely Malaysian dishes. We love eating them and most importantly, very particular about keeping the recipes true to their origins

Meticulously concocted and quantified, our recipes feature premium quality ingredients processed with the highest level of precision. All of our laksa stock and soup base are prepared at a central processing plant to maintain stringent standards of authenticity and consistency.


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